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Made from Scratch: Field Berry Streusel Muffins

Weekdays are usually so busy for most of us that there is little time to slow down and spend a relaxing 30 minutes baking. That's what required to whip together these made from scratch field berry streusel muffins. I grew up on freshly baked muffins. You probably did too if you had a mom who loved to bake. She would always be tucking a carefully wrapped sweet treat into our lunch boxes and popping something into my ice skating bag to fuel me during my lesson. Field berry streusel was my all time favourite. They will become yours too.

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Introducing: Modern Brunch Cooking Class!

Brunch is one of my all-time favorite meals. It's like breakfast, but better, because it's usually more relaxed, more drawn-out, and involves a crowd. Oh yes, and there's usually a cocktail involved!My friend Irene and I were recently discussing brunch, talking about what Italians vs. North Americans typically eat in the mornings - Italians almost never eat anything sweet for breakfast, whereas Canadians love their pancakes, maple syrup and sweet rolls!

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