Tomato Basil Soup with Parmesan Crostini

It's still winter, and everyone is talking about the cold weather we've been having. I unfortunately can't change the weather, but I can offer you a comforting soup that tastes of vine-ripened garden tomatoes.

It's like summer in a bowl!

This soups tastes nothing like the iconic canned tomato soup that most of us grew up with. It's cream less and can be dairy free if you switch out all the butter for olive oil. You'll get a much better flavor using whole canned tomatoes as your base then diced. The addition of red wine vinegar gives the soup even more depth of flavor.

Cook's Notes:

Canned tomatoes vary in quality and salt content. I prefer to buy tomatoes imported from Italy, and the ones labeled "San Marzano" are even better. The recipe calls for whole tomatoes, but in a pinch you could use diced, but not crushed, as they are too thick for the soup.

I suggest using a nice fruity olive oil to coat your crostini.

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