Classic Beef Stew

The holidays are over and I’m still recuperating from all the energy and chaos that comes along with Christmas and New Year's Eve. I've been seeking out more coziness, warmth, and quiet in daily life this month. I always enjoy making food for people, but right now what feels good is inviting a close friend or two over for a simple meal and deep conversation.

This classic beef stew is perfect for a laid back winter gathering. There's no pomp and circumstance or table setting required - it goes from oven to table seamlessly. Just put a stack of bowls and warm bread on the table, and invite everyone to dig in!

As with lots of other stews, the flavor only gets better the longer it sits. So I recommend making the dish the day before and heating it back up just before serving. Sometimes I like to pour the stew over garlic mashed potatoes, but sopping up the broth with a chunk of bread is always a great option.

Cook's Notes:

What wine to use for this dish? It is more important to use a freshly opened bottle of wine than an expensive one - not that bottle that has been sitting under your cupboard opened for several months. My suggestion is to use a hearty wine that matches the richness of the meat - a shiraz or zinfandel. Or try a lighter pinot noir.

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